I’ll be damned if I didn’t think I was going to make it through this winter without becoming filled with discontented rage as my peculiar form of SAD takes effect. The day started out with me getting completely ignored by the bus as it zoomed past its stop, and steadily disintegrated when I got to work to find a small shitpile of hate mail about the new county site; including one gem from a certain “important” resident of my neighborhood. After work, I decided to do my laundry and some dude zipped past me as I was loading it into my car and sprayed my laundry with filthy slush. I also realized that I have the equivalent of another full time job in volunteer work right now, so that I’m neglecting Tremonter and my personal site. Something has to give, and it won’t be me, dammit.

3 thoughts on “Doldrums

  1. Adam, let’s say you received 1,000 emails that were negative (which I doubt that was the number, then you can feel good that approximately 999,000 county residents liked it. Ok, that’s a stretch, but to have someone care enough about your work to contact you, good or bad, is a good thing. As for the important resident; if they are a politician they will need you to support them in the next election, if they are a gadfly/operative/busy body/etc. tell them that is available to highlight their vision and expertise.

    As for the other shtuff, if we didn’t have bad days we wouldn’t appreciate the really good days.

    Hang in there.

  2. Adam, congratulations on the site…I checked it out when you announced it and thought it looked beautiful. I love the main sort of billboard that changes when you refresh the site and the photos around town make the city look beautiful.

    I think people just expect a website to be awesome and clean and functional. Agree with Lou–if they didn’t complain, take that as your compliment.

    Visiting a website is an everyday experience, like so many others, that we just expect to go off without a hitch. Unfortunately, so is catching a bus. Maybe you should send RTA some hate mail. Or, maybe you can find out which drivers stop and send them a thank you note. Better for your Karma.

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