I’ll be damned if I didn’t think I was going to make it through this win­ter with­out becom­ing filled with dis­con­tent­ed rage as my pecu­liar form of SAD takes effect. The day start­ed out with me get­ting com­plete­ly ignored by the bus as it zoomed past its stop, and steadi­ly dis­in­te­grat­ed when I got to work to find a small shit­pile of hate mail about the new coun­ty site; includ­ing one gem from a cer­tain “impor­tant” res­i­dent of my neigh­bor­hood. After work, I decid­ed to do my laun­dry and some dude zipped past me as I was load­ing it into my car and sprayed my laun­dry with filthy slush. I also real­ized that I have the equiv­a­lent of anoth­er full time job in vol­un­teer work right now, so that I’m neglect­ing Tremon­ter and my per­son­al site. Some­thing has to give, and it won’t be me, dammit.

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  • Adam, let’s say you received 1,000 emails that were neg­a­tive (which I doubt that was the num­ber, then you can feel good that approx­i­mate­ly 999,000 coun­ty res­i­dents liked it. Ok, that’s a stretch, but to have some­one care enough about your work to con­tact you, good or bad, is a good thing. As for the impor­tant res­i­dent; if they are a politi­cian they will need you to sup­port them in the next elec­tion, if they are a gadfly/operative/busy body/etc. tell them that is avail­able to high­light their vision and exper­tise.

    As for the oth­er shtuff, if we didn’t have bad days we wouldn’t appre­ci­ate the real­ly good days.

    Hang in there.

  • Adam, con­grat­u­la­tions on the site…I checked it out when you announced it and thought it looked beau­ti­ful. I love the main sort of bill­board that changes when you refresh the site and the pho­tos around town make the city look beau­ti­ful.

    I think peo­ple just expect a web­site to be awe­some and clean and func­tion­al. Agree with Lou–if they didn’t com­plain, take that as your com­pli­ment.

    Vis­it­ing a web­site is an every­day expe­ri­ence, like so many oth­ers, that we just expect to go off with­out a hitch. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, so is catch­ing a bus. Maybe you should send RTA some hate mail. Or, maybe you can find out which dri­vers stop and send them a thank you note. Bet­ter for your Kar­ma.

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