Or Whatever

I’ve noticed that a typical Cleveland resident often ends statements with the particulate phrase “or whatever.” Semantically it seems to be the equivalent in function as “I guess”, a sort of simultaneous space-​filler and dismissive qualifier; an intentional addition so that the speaker feels that he or she isn’t being overconfident in their statement or bearing. I noticed this habit creeping into my speech and had to put a stop to it. I might not always be as concise as possible, or enunciate clearly, but I think my speech is pretty cruftless in other wise. Now that I’ve mostly rid myself of this Cleveland-​specific tendency, or whatever, I’ve started noticing it more and more often in other people’s usage. This ability of mine, almost a confirmation bias, only really annoys me in music, as there are certain songs that I’ll notice a tiny piece of sampled production, and then can never merge it back into the soundscape afterward, or whatever.