Sawedoff Scattergun

I think the Dave’s in Ohio City must’ve had its High Life license revoked because the cooler was scoured bare of that shit.

I almost never visit BFD anymore because the conversation reminds me of Feagler and Friends. It has been that way for months now.

The most difficult part of working in web and graphic design so far seems to be a communication problem that creates a tension between design and usability. The difficulty seems to lie in the fact that most clients have a very generalized idea of what they want in a site and this is almost always a design-oriented idea. Yet they usually lack the vocabulary to express their idea in a way that a design team can understand. From my end it sometimes feels like a client thinks they are the designer and we just do the work, especially when we keep getting sent back to the drawing board due to ineffective communication and the ultimate design is both poor and unusable. In the end this doesn’t just hurt the client-creative relationship, but also affects those the client wishes to communicate to. I’m sure this is a common occurrence in many professions, when a layperson calls shots that make no sense to the technical implementer. Drives me bonkers when it results in a completely unusable website though. Actually, I’ve no problem making a craptacular piece of work if I’m sure that the client actually understands that there are other ways of doing it that would be better in both design and usability. After all, they’re the one paying for it.

My Paste magazine subscription is whacked out. I got March’s issue before February’s and after I contacted them [a great customer service response by the way] I’ve received two February issues. They just switched from bimonthly to monthly so I bet that is what happened.

Now that the Academy Awards are over AMC is going to go back to showing High Plains Drifter 24/7 again. I wish I had TCM or IFC instead. UPDATE: HOLY SHIT HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER IS ON AMC RIGHT NOW.

My freezer is full of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and pork shoulders.

I’ve put on 5 pounds in the last 2 days. Water weight I’m sure.

I’m going to go to the VTR tomorrow for a couple of Bourbon Daisies and some sushi. I’ll be there around 5pm.

3 thoughts on “Sawedoff Scattergun

  1. I’m sure this is a common occurrence in many professions, when a layperson calls shots that make no sense to the technical implementer.

    DING DING DING DING welcome to my world. Although it could be more generally written as, the layperson has no idea what it takes to actually DO the work, and therefore has unrealistic expectations.

  2. Hey I like High Plains Drifter, but enough is enough. Toss in some The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly or Hang ’em High or something. It gets a little old after awhile.

    Have you been following ND Hockey Adam? Ranked #1 right now and just finished as regular season CCHA champs. Their first playoff game is on my Birthday and I think I’ll be going. It’ll be my first game and I hope to not jinx them.

  3. With ya on the BFD. People really need to get over themselves and realize that just because you disagree, it doesn’t necessarily make you an asshat. Or whatever. 🙂

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