Ratatat Deux

I saw Ratatat for the second time last weekend. The first time was almost two years ago when they were touring with Clinic. Stroud didn’t appear to be pounding whisky as hard as he was last time, but I wasn’t paying much attention, since the Beachland was inundated with middle and high school kids in an all ages showathon. Damn kids don’t know how to behave at a show. I don’t know how many times someone whined at me “Why won’t you let me in front of you?” since I was pretty close to the stage and am tall. Damn kids should have showed up at 8:30 like I did to see the opening acts. They might have learned that the local Muamin Collective is great. Despite the sea of greasy teenagerdom I enjoyed the show. Ratatat’s act is more polished than it was two years ago [to be expected], but the best part is that I have a camera that takes video so I can share the love.

Ratatat “Crips”:
Ratatat “Truman”:
Ratatat “Seventeen Years”:

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