Ratatat Deux

I saw Ratatat for the sec­ond time last week­end. The first time was al­most two years ago when they were tour­ing with Clinic. Stroud didn’t ap­pear to be pound­ing whisky as hard as he was last time, but I wasn’t pay­ing much at­ten­tion, since the Beachland was in­un­dat­ed with mid­dle and high school kids in an all ages showathon. Damn kids don’t know how to be­have at a show. I don’t know how many times some­one whined at me “Why won’t you let me in front of you?” since I was pret­ty close to the stage and am tall. Damn kids should have showed up at 8:30 like I did to see the open­ing acts. They might have learned that the lo­cal Muamin Collective is great. Despite the sea of greasy teenager­dom I en­joyed the show. Ratatat’s act is more pol­ished than it was two years ago [to be ex­pect­ed], but the best part is that I have a cam­era that takes video so I can share the love.

Ratatat “Crips”:
Ratatat “Truman”:
Ratatat “Seventeen Years”: