Although I’m no Jeff Schuler or Andy Timithy in terms of hard­core bik­ing, I think I’m going to start rid­ing my bike to work come Mon­day.

I was gonna grill on Sun­day but it looks like thun­der­storms.

I got my order from Toms Shoes yes­ter­day. They are as com­fort­able as they say. I didn’t believe it. But the best part is that my pur­chase bought a pair of shoes for a shoe­less kid as well. All Toms Shoes pur­chas­es do that. If you decide to get some, you can use the dis­count code 1PAIR4FEET at the check­out to get a fiv­er off the price. Basi­cal­ly free ship­ping.

Fin­ished Herodotus, con­vinced he’s the first weblog­ger. Back to Agee and U.S. Guys by Char­lie LeDuff.

Prob­a­bly gonna go see Antaeus Dance tonight since just about every­one I know is in the per­for­mance, includ­ing the afore­men­tioned JS.

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  • Stick around after small-such shows so your loy­al read­ers can come out and say hel­lo and thanks for com­ing! 🙂

    Let me know what time you leave for work if you want to ride togeth­er…

    (I’m only soft­core.)

  • Sor­ry I didn’t stick around, I was feel­ing anx­ious about fix­ing Tremon­ter, so I burned back home to pound keys.

    I was on the road at 6:45 this morn­ing because I was going to work­out. Prob­a­bly 7:30 on non-work­out days.

  • I got back from FLA at 2 a.m. today. When I woke up at 7 a.m. I looked out the win­dow, screamed aaaaaaaah, scraped the ice off the car and drove in to work.

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