Club Soda

Club Soda does miracle work on my pots and pans. When the metal is still spotty after a wash I can pour a little club soda in the pan, let it sit for a bit and then wash it again and they pretty much disappear. Sweet Jesus!

3 thoughts on “Club Soda

  1. Good Lord! Not spots! Thank God you found a way to get rid of them. Those can be deadly to children and the sure can.


  2. One of these days, when you are surrounded by all that is dearest to you in this world, I will appear and destroy it before your helpless gaze, and you will know that it was retribution for that comment.

  3. I anxiously await the day. While your destroying all I hold dear, could you possibly rid my pots of spots? It would destroy my soul. Mmm-​hmmm, it sure would.

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