Free Haircut

I got an unex­pect­ed free hair­cut today from the ladies who run the Gentlemen’s Bar­ber Shop in Tremont. Appar­ent­ly they’ve got­ten some busi­ness from my Tremon­ter post­ing about the place. I tried to talk them out of it, but there was no dice. They wouldn’t even take a tip. I’m just glad to know that I helped out a local busi­ness. I final­ly got back a few pieces that I took to have framed at Kel­ly-Ran­dall Gallery awhile back. I got an unex­pect­ed 20% off there since I’m a res­i­dent and have got­ten sev­er­al things framed there now. Liv­ing in Tremont has its unex­pect­ed perks.

One of those perks is not near­ly gag­ging from steel mill sul­phur first thing in the morn­ing after leav­ing my apart­ment though.