Ichiban Grill

I busted out the grill for the first time and cooked some cheapie Spencer steaks on it yesterday. I made a lime and olive oil marinade; I stole the idea from Fahrenheit, only I put a lot more lime in mine. Since the steaks were so skinny I made sandwiches out of them, with just a little bit of mayo they became amazingly delicious. On the side was a chunk of edam, some kalamatas and mixed veggies.

The bike ride downtown was uphill and into the wind both ways, but fun nonetheless. As long as the weather keeps, I’ll be that jackass on a bike in dress clothes. Tremonter and Drupal are giving me a big headache. It’s a piece of crap program, but as far as I can tell its the only one out there that sorta does all the things I want it to. Unfortunately, whenever they upgrade the version, it breaks all the third party stuff. WordPress, how I love thee.