Musical Windfall

I went to the Beachland tonight to see Blk Tygr and ended up with a cartload of local music. I either know enough people, or the right people enough to end up with stuff just getting handed to me. Of course, I also stopped by Music Saves and picked up three CDs I’ve been meaning to get. All told with the night over, I ended up with a Roué disc that I’ve been meaning to get for two years, Humphry Clinker’s first LP, the Land of Buried Treasure disc, the new single from The Very Knees, and a Henry James LP. Now that all of the volunteer stuff I’ve been working on is wrapping up, I’m ready to be free to go out at night to all the great shows that go on around town.

During the summer I’m going to revamp this site in order to focus more on my cultural nutrition, If what I plan goes through and I have the gumption to keep it that way, this might look more like a zine than personal ramblings. I don’t know if that is good or bad, but since O/​M is over 5 years old, I think it is time for some sort of change.