Musical Windfall

I went to the Beachland tonight to see Blk Tygr and end­ed up with a cart­load of lo­cal mu­sic. I ei­ther know enough peo­ple, or the right peo­ple enough to end up with stuff just get­ting hand­ed to me. Of course, I al­so stopped by Music Saves and picked up three CDs I’ve been mean­ing to get. All told with the night over, I end­ed up with a Roué disc that I’ve been mean­ing to get for two years, Humphry Clinker’s first LP, the Land of Buried Treasure disc, the new sin­gle from The Very Knees, and a Henry James LP. Now that all of the vol­un­teer stuff I’ve been work­ing on is wrap­ping up, I’m ready to be free to go out at night to all the great shows that go on around town.

During the sum­mer I’m go­ing to re­vamp this site in or­der to fo­cus more on my cul­tur­al nu­tri­tion, If what I plan goes through and I have the gump­tion to keep it that way, this might look more like a zine than per­son­al ram­blings. I don’t know if that is good or bad, but since O/​M is over 5 years old, I think it is time for some sort of change.