Blisse Anonyon Atu, Chum, The Library is on Fire, The Very Knees

ChumI was at Edison’s last night for some great music. First off was Blisse Anonyon Atu from a redirected show at Visible Voice Books. It was just her, an iPod with her tracks on it, and an effects machine. The result was an ethereal bit of indie-​electronica, dancy and languid at the same time. The only down side was that her set was too short.

Chum was next. I asked if it was Chum like friend, Chum like fish, or Chum like bucket of shark bait, but no one really knew. Shawn Flowers bangs on the drums all day and has a distinct, intent singing style that hangs above their wall of sound. I got their Typhoid Mary EP awhile back. It’s good

The Very KneesI missed most of Akron-​based The Library is on Fire’s set, but what I heard from the back room sounded like solid rock-​making with a healthy dose of creative complexity.

The Very Knees released their single “Poor Pour Moi” a few weeks ago and played a great show last night. They’ve got an amazingly versatile sound for being a two man guitar-​drum combo. Great to rock out too. Punk isn’t dead yet.

I suck at music reviews. I just know I like it.