Division of Planes

I first heard Division of Planes on MetaFilter Music. I told them to come to Cleveland because I thought they’d go down well. One of the band members contacted me for more info. Well, they’re coming to Cleveland, and they got the gig on their own gumption. If you check out their website they’re described as post-​punk math-​rock; but all I know is that I want to take off my head and scream at it when I listen to the two tracks they have available on their site. [Seriously worth downloading]

Now That’s Class
June, 8 2007
11213 Detroit Ave @ W112th
Cleveland, Ohio 44102

Also playing:
The Vapids
Hollywood Blondes
Chrome Kickers

Unfortunately, I’m going to be out of town on the night of their show, which has me royally pissed. Someone needs to volunteer to pick up a copy of their EP for me.