I Only Come Out At Night

I’ve had this rash that has re­cent­ly be­come a full body thing; it itch­es like a cayenne por­cu­pine. Miracle of mir­a­cles, I man­aged to get not one, but two doctor’s ap­point­ments to­day; one with my pri­ma­ry care physi­cian and one with a der­ma­tol­o­gist. I was pleased to dis­cov­er that every lifestyle ques­tion they asked about was an­swered in the healthy di­rec­tion, but what I wasn’t so pleased about was the di­ag­no­sis. I’m al­ler­gic to sun­light. Polymorphus Light Eruption, to be ex­act. I end­ed up get­ting a cor­ti­sone shot over the week­end to re­duce my scratch-mad­ness, and to­day I got dumped on with 4 pre­scrip­tions, two steroids and two al­ler­gy pills. I’m sup­posed to wear 30 SPF sun­screen all the time now, too. Boy in the moth­er­fuck­ing bub­ble. Thankfully my County health care kicked in at the be­gin­ning of the month, oth­er­wise I’d be up itch creek with­out a backscratch­er. The days are much too bright.

5 thoughts on “I Only Come Out At Night

  1. Yet an­oth­er rea­son to re­joice your de­ci­sion to stay in most­ly cloudy Cleveland. If you had moved some­where im­prac­ti­cal­ly sun­ny, you would have dis­cov­ered this sun­light in­tol­er­ance MUCH soon­er. So sor­ry you’re itchin’, though.

  2. I kind of want to blame this ON Cleveland. If I was some­place sun­nier, my skin would have like­ly not missed the sun long enough to be­come sen­si­tive.

    I just filled all my pre­scrip­tions and I’m itch­ing to try them.

  3. It might have come about be­cause now I’m ex­posed to UV rays all day. The un­ex­pect­ed per­ils of hav­ing an of­fice with a win­dow and a view of the lake. [If you look around the project/​tenement, that is].

  4. first off, that is a won­der­ful and un­der­rat­ed song. and sec­ond­ly, that sucks. you might as well tape up the cen­ter of your glass­es and hike your pants up to your nip­ples now. the nerd trans­for­ma­tion is com­plete.

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