Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival

Blk Tygr was playing again at the Beachland last night, so I went and heard one of their new songs. It was an odd bill for them, since all the other acts were rockabilly associates. I particularly enjoyed Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival. Their act is just as cognitively dissonant as their band name. For instance, one of their songs is called “I Banged a Sinner;” and they would talk about Jerry Falwell being in hell, read one of his ridiculous quotes and then surprisedly say “Oh, but that’s true.” They reminded me a big of Fat Possum’s Bob Log III, what with their singing into CB mics and general duct-tape and gumption playing style. The drum kit was basically a portable junk yard. At one point a hefty chunk of the cymbal fell off.

You can listen to a few of their songs here, but for some reason only the last one will download for me.

I also had a deep-fried PBJ while I was there.

3 thoughts on “Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival

  1. It’s a fried PBJ sammich. It looked like he was making it from scratch, and I’m assuming it was battered at least enough to keep the PBJ from oozing out.

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