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Home Ownership

On Thursday I became a homeowner! What a friggin process it was though. I’ll go into more detail with that in a further post. Right now I’m enjoying my current disaster area. I pulled out all the carpet, padding and tackboard stuff that evening, so the floors are a bit rough right now. The wallpaper […]


I have exactly 15 ft3 of books. Not all of them are pictured. I am worried that 15 ft3 is too few? I can build a sweet fort out of them though. I can’t figure out if I have too much crap or not. Packing things typically makes me run across stuff that makes me […]


You know social networking has jumped the shark when your university creates its own social networking site. It is a bit primitive, but they’ve got a thing where you can add your own HTML snippets. Could be good, could be bad. If they don’t have it locked down, someone could send some serious virulence through […]

By Brakhage: an anthology

THIS POST CONTAINS A PICTURE OF AN EVISCERATED CORPSE, IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE IT, DON’T READ THIS POST. A part of this viewing list: Criterion Collection Spine #184: Stanley Brakhage’s By Brakhage: an anthology. I’d forgotten how good Stan Brakhage is at the avant-garde filmmaking gig. It has been 5 years since my […]

House Hoop Stress

Buying a house is ridiculously stressful. I’ve never had to jump through so many hoops, had so many balls to juggle and people and things and documents and who knows what to coordinate in my entire life. I’ve been on the ball the whole time, but waiting for other folks to catch up or follow […]

By Brakhage

Hollowed, the body upon a table; no verbs for the inanimate, a cicada shell. And men in long coats have removed them; peeled flesh – skull over face – sawn through bone cracking walnuts for the meat inside; each soft and hidden part apprised; the inside of your breast, the open boat of your body […]


I’ve been making lots of phone calls to various utilities and insurance companies lately and it appears that I’ve walked into some sort of Alterna-Earth where the automated phone services I’ve had to utilize and the operators at the end of the line are all eager to facilitate a swift and hassle-free transaction. This started […]

The Burmese Harp

A part of this viewing list: Criterion Collection Spine #379: Kon Ichikawa’s The Burmese Harp. The Burmese Harp seems less the anti-war film it is often billed as, and more of a post-war re-evaluation of Japanese nationalism. For practical purposes there are two characters in this film, the deserter Mizushima and the rest of his […]

The Naked City

A part of this viewing list: Criterion Collection Spine #380: Jules Dassin’s The Naked City. Even without the ridiculously annoying narrator, The Naked City would still be a mediocre film. It is basically an episode of CSI without any of the technology. A police procedure film about the murder of a young model that takes […]

Vengeance is Mine

A part of this viewing list: Criterion Collection Spine #384: Shohei Imamura’s Vengeance is Mine. This film was much more graphic than I expected it to be. It also has some great sex scenes. I’ll get into what I mean by great a bit later. The film is based around an actual Japanese serial killer […]

Doing My Best

I think in the past I’ve thought that doing your best simply meant giving full effort to a task. That completely neglects the use of judgment in the process. Just following the first would mean that you would sprint a marathon, run as fast as possible the entire way; full effort, not much judgment. I […]

Fargo Rock City by Chuck Klosterman

During unending hours in the back of a conversion van and brief respites on land in Canada I read Chuck Klosterman’s Fargo Rock City. This book was recommended to me by Nate Scheible during a discussion outside of Parish Hall while waiting for a noise show to start and over a few Commodore Perry IPAs. […]

Canada 2007 Wrap-Up

After 21 hours in a van with 4 old men this is what I look like. I’m finally back in Cleveland and despite the excellence of my trip, the city was a sight for sore eyes. I had 12 messages once I got cell reception back, most from my banker and realtor and each more […]

Canada 2007 Day 7

Day 7 and my trip is mostly at an end. We got up early and made one last jaunt to Lost Lake to get our limit in walleye. After returning to camp we had a long chore of packing and cleaning ahead of us before we could enjoy steak night. Now that it is over […]

Canada 2007 Day 6

I got up around 5am today and went out with my cousin Luke to cast for pike before the old folks woke up. The night before I beat my Uncle Corbin by 72 points at bid Euchre. Overall, Luke and my boat had the best day, we came home with 3 walleye, one of which […]

Canada 2007 Day 5

Best day yet, at Lost Lake. I caught another trophy walleye and we tied our boats together and ate lunch in the middle of the lake. We’re eating fish again tonight so that we can go out and fish more tomorrow. We’re sitting right at our limit for the next half hour or so, then […]

Canada 2007 Days 3 and 4

Day 3 sucked. I didn’t catch a damn thing worth keeping. Today was almost as slow, but I caught a 24.5 inch, 4 pound trophy walleye, which made up for the drought. We’ve had some serious thunderstorms, too. Thunder and lightning rattle-cabining. My neck was ridiculously stiff yesterday, so Luke lent me a Vicodin and […]

Canada 2007 Day 2

Another good day of fishing, although the after-dinner fishing trip was less-manned due to scotch and thunderstorms. I only caught a mid-sized walleye, unfortunately, but my boat driving skills gave Corbin some nice catches. One of his friends caught a nice 34.5 inch Northern Pike that we released so someone else will have the chance […]

Canada 2007 Day 1

The Junior Boys lasted 4 minutes until the first complaint, so I ended up riding with Luke in his new truck; much better for all parties involved. First day at the lake resulted in 8 keepers, although 6 would have been better, one walleye and one sauger were a bit undersized for my liking. We […]

The Fallen Idol

A part of this viewing list: Criterion Collection Spine #357: Carol Reed’s The Fallen Idol. Carol Reed and Graham Greene, what a combo. I think a large part of the reason I don’t read much modern fiction is that Graham Greene’s work is so fully satisfying that I can’t fathom a reason to try anything […]

Rise Up

Post-game pandemonium. Coming back from Rafeeq’s; titties on top of Honda Civics on West 25th [they cease to be breasts and become titties when displayed as such] and Escalades blazing at the Lorain stop light. Streets filled with hoots and hollers. Rise up, motherfuckers. Rise. Up. [Update: “two more honda civics were stolen in the […]