I’ve been making lots of phone calls to various utilities and insurance companies lately and it appears that I’ve walked into some sort of Alterna-​Earth where the automated phone services I’ve had to utilize and the operators at the end of the line are all eager to facilitate a swift and hassle-​free transaction. This started when I called up Cleveland Public Power to tell them I was moving. The operator was so sincerely committed to providing good customer service that I felt that I had to compliment her at the end of the phone call. Dealing with the gas company wasn’t much better, but I didn’t have to be on hold for 45 minutes before being told that I would receive a phone call back at another time. Then I just called Progressive to cancel my auto insurance with them. I got a multi-​policy discount by taking home and auto through the same company, and my auto insurance is about $100 cheaper a year because of that too, for the same coverage. Sorry Matt. Their customer service was amazing. No push-​buttoning at all, I was connected immediately to a human who asked for my policy number right off. In less than two minutes the policy was canceled and I’d been informed that a refund would be credited to my credit card.

Hopefully the actual move will go as smoothly.