Canada 2007 Day 2

Day 2 Catch Anoth­er good day of fish­ing, although the after-din­ner fish­ing trip was less-manned due to scotch and thun­der­storms. I only caught a mid-sized wall­eye, unfor­tu­nate­ly, but my boat dri­ving skills gave Corbin some nice catch­es. One of his friends caught a nice 34.5 inch North­ern Pike that we released so some­one else will have the chance to catch it in the future. My gump­tion helped my euchre team win one of the games and made Drunk Corbin [on the oth­er team] go just a lit­tle crazy. Heh. The rain inter­fered with the satel­lite inter­net, which is why this update comes on the morn­ing of Day 3. Time to eat some omelets.