Canada 2007 Day 6

DSC01912I got up around 5am today and went out with my cousin Luke to cast for pike before the old folks woke up. The night before I beat my Uncle Corbin by 72 points at bid Euchre. Overall, Luke and my boat had the best day, we came home with 3 walleye, one of which was Luke’s trophy, a 27-​inch pike and a couple of fatass perch. I forgot to take a shower yesterday but managed one today before taking a nap while the pictures uploaded. I don’t think I’ll be going out to fish tonight, and since we’re so close to our limit, no one probably will. We’re having chicken teriyaki and pineapple upside down cake for dessert.

One thought on “Canada 2007 Day 6

  1. This is so nice to have pics and narrative to help us know how well your trip is going. Get some shots of Dean and Corbin and the guys from Ft. Wayne so their families have something to see.
    Thanks honey for keeping us posted. Your Mom loves you

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