Canada 2007 Days 3 and 4

DSC01906 Day 3 sucked. I didn’t catch a damn thing worth keep­ing. Today was almost as slow, but I caught a 24.5 inch, 4 pound tro­phy wall­eye, which made up for the drought. We’ve had some seri­ous thun­der­storms, too. Thun­der and light­ning rat­tle-cab­in­ing. My neck was ridicu­lous­ly stiff yes­ter­day, so Luke lent me a Vicodin and a mus­cle relax­er which made me lim­ber enough to con­tin­ues fish­ing. Thank­ful­ly I’m resis­tant to painkillers. We’re bak­ing some wall­eye tonight and will be eat­ing short­ly. We’ll be back on the lake in a few hours. I’m a bit sun­burned, and the game face in the pho­to is delib­er­ate­ly seri­ous. Woo!

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