Home Ownership

DSC02025On Thursday I became a homeowner! What a friggin process it was though. I’ll go into more detail with that in a further post. Right now I’m enjoying my current disaster area. I pulled out all the carpet, padding and tackboard stuff that evening, so the floors are a bit rough right now. The wallpaper is old and nicotine-​stained, and the bathroom door won’t stay open, but the place is mine, finally. I had lots of help from a friend who is now a neighbor and a few others too. I’ve been enjoying beer on my front porch.

I’ve also dropped a shit-​ton of money getting emergency needs this weekend. Tomorrow I hope to get my kitchen put away and the dryer vent hooked up. Then, pulling more staples. I know I’ve become my mother when stuff like that sounds fun. Except more beer is involved with me. Whee!

9 thoughts on “Home Ownership

  1. shoot. I forgot about your request for assistance…

    i could’ve come this morning for the old-​apartment-​cleaning, too.

    hope everything went smoovly and without too many hiccups (except beer-​bred.) let me/us(hood) know if more help is necessary.

  2. Congrats on your purchase, Adam!

    My family and I bought a thirty-​year-​old investment property outside of Cuyahoga County a few weeks ago, and it is/​was beat up pretty badly. So I feel your enjoyment of sticking your arm inside nasty ductwork, picking trash out of crawl spaces, and washing down every square inch of the place. And I agree that beer, particularly Great Lakes, makes the job a whole lot better.

    Drop me a line if you need a hand.

  3. Congratulations, Adam! Welcome to the joys of homeownership. I, too, went through the fun of carpet ripping and staple pulling, and I agree that stuff like that is weirdly satisfying when the place is yours. Good luck.

  4. May this be the first of many great real-​estate experiences for you. It’s a great way to get ahead in your spare time. The good thing about Cleveland is that the bad management by the local governments is still keeping prices low. There should be bargains out there for a few more years. Then, once “we the people” get it together, prices will rise.

  5. Welcome to the wonderful, topsy-​turvy world of home ownsership. And Congratulations! Let me know if you need any help… or supplies, tools, etc. Free advice on what NOT to do, too…

  6. Congrats Adam. Let me know if you need any help with construction projects in the new digs. I might be able to finagle some time off to come help.

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