Flash Class Redux

I’m taking another Flash class today, this time through CSU instead of Tri-C. Not only is it cheaper for a longer time period, but my instructor actually knows what the hell he is talking about instead of constantly having to backtrack and recant and figure things out as he goes along like the last dude. I’ve learned more in the first 4 hours today than I did in the entire 6 session class last time.

I’m Downtown too, at the Cole Center. I drove in this morning because of the rain, but I’m regretting it now since it is absolutely beautiful outside, perfect weather, only perhaps a tad too breezy. I’m so glad we finally got some rain, even as little as this morning’s fall. I think it is too late for the grass this year, but at least I’m not going to have to worry about a yard-sized fire hazard.

I’m anxiously awaiting this weekend. I’m going to Chicago to meet my friend and for the Pitchfork music festival. My mom asked if this was a Satanic festival because of the “pitchfork.” She’s been asking me if things I’m going to or doing are Satanic for at least 12 years. You’d think she would have figured out whether I’m a Satanist or not by now.

Oh yeah, just ran across this: OK X – A tribute of OK Computer by contemporary bands. Free download.

3 thoughts on “Flash Class Redux

  1. I think your bike riding post inspired me to get off my ass, hop on my bike, and ride up to the corner bakery to fetch a loaf of hot, fresh Italian bread this afternoon after the rain stopped.

  2. Mind you- this post doesn’t specify whether the Pitchfork music festival is satanic, nor whether Adam is satanic. *grin* Adam, can you drop me an email or a phone call sometime soon? I lost your cell number… and had something I wanted to tell you/ask you…

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