Flash Class Redux

I’m tak­ing anoth­er Flash class today, this time through CSU instead of Tri-C. Not only is it cheap­er for a longer time peri­od, but my instruc­tor actu­al­ly knows what the hell he is talk­ing about instead of con­stant­ly hav­ing to back­track and recant and fig­ure things out as he goes along like the last dude. I’ve learned more in the first 4 hours today than I did in the entire 6 ses­sion class last time.

I’m Down­town too, at the Cole Cen­ter. I drove in this morn­ing because of the rain, but I’m regret­ting it now since it is absolute­ly beau­ti­ful out­side, per­fect weath­er, only per­haps a tad too breezy. I’m so glad we final­ly got some rain, even as lit­tle as this morning’s fall. I think it is too late for the grass this year, but at least I’m not going to have to wor­ry about a yard-sized fire haz­ard.

I’m anx­ious­ly await­ing this week­end. I’m going to Chica­go to meet my friend and for the Pitch­fork music fes­ti­val. My mom asked if this was a Satan­ic fes­ti­val because of the “pitch­fork.” She’s been ask­ing me if things I’m going to or doing are Satan­ic for at least 12 years. You’d think she would have fig­ured out whether I’m a Satanist or not by now.

Oh yeah, just ran across this: OK X — A trib­ute of OK Com­put­er by con­tem­po­rary bands. Free down­load.

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  • I think your bike rid­ing post inspired me to get off my ass, hop on my bike, and ride up to the cor­ner bak­ery to fetch a loaf of hot, fresh Ital­ian bread this after­noon after the rain stopped.

  • You’ve made me hun­gry. Some Focac­cia with an olive tape­nade would be deli­cious. I’m gonna have PBJ for din­ner again, though.

  • Mind you- this post doesn’t spec­i­fy whether the Pitch­fork music fes­ti­val is satan­ic, nor whether Adam is satan­ic. *grin* Adam, can you drop me an email or a phone call some­time soon? I lost your cell num­ber… and had some­thing I want­ed to tell you/ask you…

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