Library Table Finally and Sidebar

DSC02207 I ran around the sec­ond­hand fur­ni­ture stores and antique strip on Lorain today in search of fur­ni­ture. I’d for­got­ten how ridicu­lous­ly over-priced most of the antique places are com­pared to back in Indi­ana, but I lucked out and found a dude actu­al­ly inter­est­ed in sell­ing some mer­chan­dise and final­ly picked up the exact kind of library table I’ve been look­ing for years. Quar­ter­sawn oak with a mid­dle draw­er. I got it and a chair for $130. A bet­ter price than buy­ing some­thing new and not as stur­dy.

I’ve also brought back the side­bar posts as my research­es on var­i­ous top­ics have been turn­ing up lots of amaz­ing links. Here’s a feed for it.

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