Linoleum Liberation

Dining Room FloorI’m spending my 4th of July soaking the dining room floor with water and scraping up the linoleum that was under the carpet and over the hard wood floors. I’ve been pulling staples and nails out of the floors for a couple of days, one room at a time and was getting quite dusty and hacking a bit because of it. I bought myself a nice respirator today because there will be a few metric tons more of dust before I’m finished and the paper jobbers weren’t going to cut it. I think this linoleum is the same linoleum that was on the floor at the Last Supper. It appears to be that old. Right now I’m taking care of the labor-​intensive but inexpensive bits of fixin’up until my finances have a chance to resolve back into something approximating equilibrium. So I bought a wallpaper stripper doohickey and once the floor stuff is fairly well taken care of I’ll start in on the nicotine-​stained yellow woodgrained wallpaper.

I’ve created a collection on Flickr for house related happenings.

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