Self Destruct Button, Proletarian Art Threat, Parts & Labor

I took a break from pulling staples and inhaling what might be lead paint dust to go to the Beachland for a show. Just about everyone I know in the Cleveland music scene was there, which is always a good sign. I’d even found my old “THE BOSSES YOU LOSE” shirt on my last visit home, so I could bust out my old high school concert t-​shirt again. Self Destruct Button started out, proving that bands in their vector are always better live. They’ve nailed the “craft chaos that tumbles to order” market. They played an unexpected Rush cover “Spirit of Radio” at the end of their set which made everyone go nuts in its strange but effective translation into experimental punk. Unfortunately, I’m a jackass and didn’t get video of them.

I did get some video of Proletarian Art Threat, playing their last show ever. Old style punk rock, and apparently they’ve been around for over a decade, off and on but mostly off lately, so I guess it isn’t surprising I had never seen them before. Lots of jumping off stage and beer spilled.

Parts & Labor wrapped up the evening with their 10th visit to Cleveland and my 3rd time seeing them. They said that they aren’t always received enthusiastically elsewhere and that “there are few places like Cleveland” which led to a few shouts of “Thank God!” which, I suppose, can be read in two different ways, depending on your mood. I was in a good one. They put on another fierce show, played some new stuff where the vocals got achingly melodic at times.