The Very Knees, Heartwarmer

I went to Pat’s in the Flats last night to see a couple of bands. I know The Very Knees and like them muchly, and wasn’t familiar with Heartwarmer. Heartwarmer are from Kentucky and had some danceable poppy tunes, a bit reminiscent of Of Montréal sans the glam and nods to the orchestration of Arcade Fire. My only criticism is that they’ve got too much tambourine and not enough melody or harmony. I’d like to see them add another guitar or let the girl sing along with the guy. Here’s the video I took of ‘em.

The Very Knees put on another raucous show and God saw it and said that it was good. They had a 16mm video to go along with their single and the video projector made me wistful, since I’ve been trying to find a functional one for the past little while. My 16mm film from college is moldering meanwhile. Not that it is any good in the first place. If I get a projector I might as well get a 16mm camera too, and it will all be downhill from there. Oh yeah, Very Knees video:

Here’s the video in easy-​to-​see format. It cracks me up in an inside-​joke sort of way since I know about half of the people in it.