Wallpaper and an Overplayed Analogy

DSC02115 Renovating a house is a bit like taking the clothes off of a woman; there always seems to be one more layer. Today I was walking to the kitchen for some breakfast when noticed a corner curl of wallpaper sticking away from the wall. “Pull me”, it said. I pulled. The whole sheet of wallpaper came off like a bra on Mardi Gras. Before I knew it, two hours had gone by and I’d torn the wallpaper from two complete rooms. Why do I feel spent and lightheaded and a bit giddy? Oh yeah. I never made it to the kitchen for breakfast.

Unfortunately, the plaster in the bedroom is so old that chunks of it came off with the wallpaper. I’m pretty sure Home Depot sells a repair kit. The bedroom still has its underwear on. I need to sand the paint off the floor and strip it from the woodwork. That reminds me. On my way to the grocery today I think I’ll stop by the Cleveland Green Building Coalition to get a refresher on the services they offer for residential homes. Hopefully they do a little pro bono consulting, since I don’t know much more about greening a home than to use non-VOC paint and look for the EnergyStar on appliances.

In a wonderful world there would even be a little cash available through grants or some such to folks who are intent on pimping out their home green-style. I could probably get a Restoration Society loan fairly easily, but I’d have to leave the original windows, which perfectly defeats the purpose of creating an energy efficient home if I have to keep 107 year old single-pane rattle-wood windows. I like the old style windows, but they’re draftier my wallet these days.

I still haven’t had breakfast.

One thought on “Wallpaper and an Overplayed Analogy

  1. Adam,

    Sandy told me you had bought on her street – welcome to my old neighborhood! Great house.
    There is a wood preplacement, energy efficeint window that we put in the house on Brainard in the kitchen. It has a vinyl track that it fits into, but all else is wood. Really great, and a bit more than vinyl but you might want to check it out. As always, a pleasure to read your writing!


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