Lou shot me an email today to help him restore his WordPress after his site was hacked, he came over right after I got home and we fixed it fairly quickly. Then he and I met up with Shawn at the Lincoln Park Pub for Taco Tuesday and I ran into my old boss. Found out she reads this and has been keeping tabs. Hi boss. Had some tacos, met some new folks, shot the shit and had a nice relaxing time for a couple of hours. That’s the kind of society I dig. Spontaneous, chill, hilarious, food.

Married women have been hitting on me the last few days. I was at my friend Sandy’s birthday party on Saturday and Amy and I both got the vibe that this runway catalog modelish woman was flirting with me. Then, at the gym today, this other lady kept moving to work out in front of me and checking to see if I was looking at her and asked me if I was getting a good workout. Wedding ring on the finger. Maybe they aren’t hitting on me [postulate] and I’ve an enormous ego [fact] or they feel like I’m safe to flirt at [postulate] when the hubs isn’t around. This is just as strange as getting hit on by gay guys while running was a year ago; but not as funny. My current boss says that being married doesn’t mean what it used to, and that expectation that married folks are going to cheat troubles me.

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  1. runway modelish? maybe catalog. lol. and she was flirting with you BIG TIME. i’ve been reading up on non verbal communication and her’s was screaming at you!

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