Lou shot me an email to­day to help him re­store his WordPress af­ter his site was hacked, he came over right af­ter I got home and we fixed it fair­ly quick­ly. Then he and I met up with Shawn at the Lincoln Park Pub for Taco Tuesday and I ran in­to my old boss. Found out she reads this and has been keep­ing tabs. Hi boss. Had some tacos, met some new folks, shot the shit and had a nice re­lax­ing time for a cou­ple of hours. That’s the kind of so­ci­ety I dig. Spontaneous, chill, hi­lar­i­ous, food.

Married wom­en have been hit­ting on me the last few days. I was at my friend Sandy’s birth­day par­ty on Saturday and Amy and I both got the vibe that this run­way cat­a­log mod­el­ish wom­an was flirt­ing with me. Then, at the gym to­day, this oth­er la­dy kept mov­ing to work out in front of me and check­ing to see if I was look­ing at her and asked me if I was get­ting a good work­out. Wedding ring on the fin­ger. Maybe they aren’t hit­ting on me [pos­tu­late] and I’ve an enor­mous ego [fact] or they feel like I’m safe to flirt at [pos­tu­late] when the hubs isn’t around. This is just as strange as get­ting hit on by gay guys while run­ning was a year ago; but not as fun­ny. My cur­rent boss says that be­ing mar­ried doesn’t mean what it used to, and that ex­pec­ta­tion that mar­ried folks are go­ing to cheat trou­bles me.

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  1. run­way mod­el­ish? may­be cat­a­log. lol. and she was flirt­ing with you BIG TIME. i’ve been read­ing up on non ver­bal com­mu­ni­ca­tion and her’s was scream­ing at you!

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