In oth­er gym-re­lat­ed news, there is this dude who I’ve seen at the gym since I start­ed go­ing there that nev­er lifts weights. He dicks around the en­tire time, al­most al­ways look­ing at him­self in the mir­ror and go­ing through the mo­tions of lift­ing weights, set­ting up the bar, ad­just­ing seat heights, switch­ing out han­dles and weights, clean­ing the bench, sit­ting down and get­ting “in the zone”, but nev­er ac­tu­al­ly do­ing a set or even a rep. He spends some­thing like an hour in the lock­er room, groom­ing and comb­ing his hair and shit too. I once showed up and he was in the lock­er room comb­ing his hair, did my ap­prox­i­mate­ly one-hour work­out, and when I went to the lock­er room he was still comb­ing his hair. Weird thing is, the guy is frig­ging ripped, so he must ac­tu­al­ly lift some­time.

Saloio bread is gross. I picked up a loaf from Dave’s be­cause it seemed to be the clos­est bak­ery ap­prox­i­ma­tion to whole wheat, since they were out of the lat­ter. It is salty as hell, crumbly, dense, and chewy. It tastes worse than the home­made hosts that Fr. Stan makes back at St. Gabriel’s in Connersville. Never again.

I get so much weird junk mail about mort­gages now that I’m a home­own­er. A lot of it is ob­vi­ous scam stuff about PMI and re­fi­nanc­ing, but some of it is not so ob­vi­ous scam stuff that looks like of­fi­cial doc­u­men­ta­tion from Fifth Third. Today how­ev­er, I re­ceived a scratch off tick­et. It says on the tick­et that all tick­ets are win­ners for stuff like an xBox or iPod Video, the on­ly oblig­a­tion is to sit through a demon­stra­tion of some home care prod­ucts. Fat chance.

I al­so both like and have a crush on some­one. 🙂