Tower Control Records CD Release at the Beachland Ballroom

This past Friday was an event that I’d been looking forward to for several months. Tower Control Records’ CD Release Party for The X Bolex and Jerk. 12 bands, $5 cover and free food pre-show. It was super-well organized, no chance to miss a band’s performance and just enough time in between them to snag a smoke if you swung that way. I definitely did my duty dropping bills on the local music scene releases. I had the intent of getting video of every band but many of the sets were too dim for effective taping. What I did manage to capture follows:

I’m a dumbass and thought Shawn Flowers was Theodore Vril when I first started hanging out with these folks a couple of years ago. Yeah. Dumbass. This was a good opening set, but necessarily short due to the fact that 11 other bands were playing.

Low Lamps aka Brian Straw was a different performance than I’m used to seeing from him; but one well-appointed to this noise-oriented show. He does some crazy and interesting things with his guitar in this clip.

Pardon the worthlessness of viewing this video, but the joy that is Giants of Gender shouldn’t be tossed aside due to lacklight. I don’t know much about this trio, but I’m guessing they’re conservatory students. Improv sax/clarinet, violin and vibraphone.

This is the first song off of The X Bolex‘s new record, so it is called Mastodon. Their funky jazz-jam riffage and time-change collapses have made them a favorite around here for awhile and I was happy to pick up their disk, so I can have ’em with me everywhere.

It was great seeing Neptune again after last year’s recockulous show at The Church. I bought their newest release, on 220g orange vinyl. They made the trip out from Boston for just this one show and hit the road back to play a Saturday show. Thats some serious respect for them to make the trip for TCR. I’m even more convinced that Neptune is what heavy metal should have become.

Altogether a great night. I was supposed to go to Fear of a Black Planet at Touch the next night to see TMIBH, Muamin and The New Surah Orchestar, but I fumbled on that play.