Busy Few Days

DSC02277It has been a busy few days. Thursday was the Night to Unite which I have a bunch of pho­tos of since I let Amy use my cam­era. Friday I end­ed up work­ing a bit lat­er than usu­al since some im­por­tant web main­te­nance came in right at the end of the work day and I was the on­ly one left around to post it. I sup­pose I shouldn’t com­plain too much though, since I got to watch the Thunderbirds prac­tice for the air­show most of the day out of my of­fice win­dow. Once I got home my friend Sandy need­ed some help re­plac­ing her an­cient 200#+ stove with a much new­er and hip­per mod­el. Since I just went through that my­self, I helped with the gas and sun­dries. Then I had to rush to get clean and hit the gro­cery store for the fix­ings for din­ner. I had a friend over and grilled some mari­nad­ed rib­eye steaks with baked sweet pota­toes and snow peas. It was de­li­cious.

DSC02308Saturday was an ear­ly start in or­der to get to the Georgia Tech ver­sus Notre Dame dis­as­ter­ba­cle. I met up with Liam and once-again preg­nant Anne [this time Liam won and it is a boy] for a brief mo­ment be­fore go­ing in search of Jeremy. [jmay, I was gonna sur­prise call you when I got in town, but don’t have your dig­its any­more. I sucked at that. Sorry to miss you man.] After the game there was an in­ter­minable hour spent wait­ing to get out of the park­ing lot, be­cause every­one kept let­ting peo­ple in front of them. I vent­ed my road rage for a bit and then re­al­ized it would be much bet­ter to ap­pre­ci­ate the good com­pa­ny I was in. Stopped at Fazoli’s on the way home and got back in­to Cleveland with­out even be­ing drowsy thanks to great con­ver­sa­tion.

Sunday was pret­ty much a wash, late break­fast and a cou­ple of re­cu­per­naps. Watched a pret­ty ter­ri­ble movie called Sunshine [it is just as for­get­table and pret­ty much ex­act­ly like some movie that I once saw about go­ing to the cen­ter of the earth and set­ting off a bomb.] while do­ing in­fi­nite laun­dry and cleaned house. 

Today I fin­ished scrap­ing the walls and sand­ing in the mas­ter bed­room. I al­so mowed the yard and trimmed and swept and made a list and checked it twice. Tonight or to­mor­row I have to watch The Wages of Fear and use the rec­om­mend­ed Zinsser primer on the walls pri­or to pick­ing out some paint. Probably to­mor­row, since I’ve been in­vit­ed to hang out with Sandy and Amy tonight for some grilling.

2 thoughts on “Busy Few Days

  1. I’m go­ing to be­gin slip­ping “dis­as­ter­ba­cle” in­to my every­day lan­guage. Good made-up words like that shouldn’t be wast­ed. Thanks Harv.

  2. You should have stopped by the post-tail­gate. Many drinks of sor­row and brats of gnash­ing teeth were con­sumed.

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