Cleveland Plus Craigslist

I see plenty of those huge banners downtown and billboards in the immediate Cleveland vicinity promoting Cleveland Plus, but I’ve yet to see one anywhere outside of Cleveland proper. I was under the impression that this marketing campaign is for folks outside of the region, trying to attract them [and business] here. Has anyone actually seen a Cleveland Plus billboard, TV spot, or other marketing effort outside of Cleveland?

I put an ad up on Craigslist for some leftover furniture and I’ve been getting the most grammatically inept and nonsensical emails I’ve ever seen in response. I know in the abstract that a vast amount of people using the intertubes give off the slack-​jawed idiot impression in their usage of all caps, no punctuation, mixed tenses, abbreviations and such, but being inundated with 4 dozen or so similar yet different messages is a constant reminder that half the population is, by necessity, below average intelligence. My two favorites, quoting the entirety of each email verbatim:


where are you

Those aren’t even C+ quality.