Decided to head into work a bit later than usual today and biked into Jeff Schuler at the downtown end of Carnegie bridge. He invited me to the brief Bike to Work Day meetup at A.J. Rocco’s and I tagged along and met a few folks. Ended up with a Cleveland Bikes t-shirt and a contact for some freelance web work. Learned about fixed gear bikes and something call the track stand. I also found out that A.J. Rocco’s has breakfast sandwichery, something I’ve been desiring of late. Fortuitous.

At lunch I tipped the hot dog lady $1.40 and I think it made her day. She was grumbly and non-eye-contacting until I tipped her, then she looked at me and smiled and thanked me loudly. I am liking this fall weather. Need to be 15 degrees cooler so I can bust out the scarves though.

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