Illustrator Class

I’m taking an Illustrator class at CSU’s CCE. I’ve picked up a couple of good tips, but what I’m starting to discover is that all of these continuing education courses move far too slowly for me. These classes only move at the pace of the slowest student, which is typically someone who has never used a graphic design program before. Granted, these are beginner classes, but when you’re moving at the pace of the accountant-student, it gets tough to stay interested.

Plus, there is a required book for this course that the CSU bookstore didn’t have in stock. The instructor said that we wouldn’t be able to take the course without the book, so some other lady, after telling us it was our fault for not having the book, made some calls and apparently got some shipped to us overnight by UPS. There are only a few hours left of this class and I still don’t have a book. When it comes in, I’m certainly not going to purchase it. Okay, I bought it. The County will reimburse me, and then anyone else there who wants to learn Illustrator can just borrow the book instead of taking the class.

I do enjoy learning the the things that are new to me, but I keep hoping these classes will give professional workflow and productivity tips in addition to the intricacies of the pen tool and the difference between raster and vector. It is also pretty lame when the course just follows along the book. If I wanted that I’d’ve just bought the book in the first place.

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