I’m retiring this week. I got a wire through my back bike tire on the way home from work last night; I was coming around the corner of Abbey and Columbus at a good clip and the back tire felt fat and fishtaily making the turn, so I got off, checked, and ended up walking the last mile or so home. Took the bike in to Fridrich’s for a tune-​up, recalibration and retiring. Then I zipped on over to NTB in Lakewood [since Westown Tire wouldn’t pick up the phone] and got four new tires put on my beater. Basically my car was totaled, since the cost of the tires was more than the car is worth. However, that valuation is based purely on fungibility. The fact that my beater is spacious and the engine runs like a dream is worth far more to me than the actual comparative value of the beast.

While waiting to retire, I ate at Dianna’s. I could’ve walked around the corner to My Friends, but I was feeling lazy. I’d forgotten how purgatorial eating at Dianna’s can be, especially alone. It is certainly the lowest rung diner in that area. To class myself up afterward, I got a Frosty from Wendy’s across the street.