Weird dream last night. I’m in a spaceship with some random acquaintances who are my crewmates and we’re traveling through space and/​or time for some reason. The trip removes or retards all of our primary sexual characteristics but no one seems to care about that or anything much, except me, even when some folks die under mysterious circumstances. Eventually someone figures out that we’ve lost all ambition and will to power as well as the naughty bits. I still have some, but this is explained because I am Chief Engineer, and therefore have more in the first place. We’ve still got intelligence, but nothing to drive it.

We land on this planet and start a collective farm that looks like my Aunt’s in Noblesville, only not surrounded by development. There are lots of strange critters and more crew die, but no one is interested in helping out, or even mourning really. Then it turns out that one of the crew has become obsessed with a local devouring monster with spider-​like associations, and has been feeding other crew to it. This girl gets a cut on her finger trying to protect the evil thing when we burn the barn it is in, and an egg is secretly laid in the cut so another monster will be born and the crazy girl is sort of erotically and secretly pleased by this and doesn’t tell anyone. Somehow I just know it is going to hatch and devour her from the inside. I hate when my dreams set themselves up for obvious sequels. This one was especially weird due to the associations of gender identificaiton, sex drive, and ambition.