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Halloween 2007

This is the first Halloween in something like a decade in which I’ve not watched The Crow on Devil’s Night and The Rocky Horror Picture Show on All Hallows Eve itself. What with my double-gimpédness and various other responsibilities, I had to forgo the pleasure. I did, however, get to hand out candy for the […]


A few months ago the web group at the ISC was approached by a local design firm to host and code, a site meant to provide information about art put on the construction fence surrounding the Breuer Tower, a space for public comment on the construction, and an interactive Flash gadget where visitors could […]


Even with my wisdom teeth extracted, in addition to all of the other current injuries, it all still hurts less than one dislocated kneecap. However, it is hard to do most anything without the use of my dominant arm. It is pretty much like I only have one arm, period. It is hard to wash […]


It is starting to get cold enough that I am anticipating the end of bike-ride-to-work season. I was surprised this morning to feel a pang of regret over this. The early morning exercise, concentration and surprises [like the groundhog across from the VTR] helped me be a better worker. That was written yesterday. There is […]

Paper Crane

You can make six paper cranes out of one letter-sized sheet of paper. The two smallest ones would make perfect earrings. The conundrum is that the language to describe the ineffable splendors and possibilities of our lives takes time to master, takes a certain unhurried engagement with the tasks of description, assessment, critique, and conversation; […]


On my wet, windy walk to work this morning, a broken umbrella flapped on the sidewalk like a dying bird. Lamb says somewhere that if, of three friends (A, B, and C), A should die, then B loses not only A but “A’s part in C,” while C loses not only A but “A’s part […]

Renovation Update

This weekend I dropped a few grand on hardwood flooring. Yikes. I looked into buying the sustainable bamboo stuff, but it was twice as expensive as engineered hardwood. I have been painting with Sherwin-Williams’ Harmony paint though. It has no VOC and is anti-microbial in addition. I’m halfway done painting another room as well. I […]


I’ve been feeling a distinct lack of trust in my life lately. Usually I’m fine in my independence, but sometimes I need someone I feel comfortable talking to. It is a weird sort of loneliness, as if everyone who knows me is content with their own perceptions of who I am, uninterested in anything other […]

Tokyo Drifter

A part of this viewing list: Criterion Collection Spine #39: Seijun Suzuki’s Tokyo Drifter. While this is another Seijun Suzuki gangster film, it is vastly different from Branded to Kill on just about every point. Most notable is the use of bright swathes of single colors in different scenes; the same set might be yellow, […]

Ticket to Where?

I’ve finally started painting, I have to have three rooms completely painted by November because I’m getting flooring put in then. My life has been topsy-turvy of late, very busy and alternating between ridiculously stressful and ridiculously chill. I think it is going to take another few weeks before I know for sure where I’m […]

New Recurring Nightmare

My new recurring nightmare places me in something like an Egyptian tomb, at least in terms of decoration and danger, and the low ceilings, dim light, and definite sense of tons of weight overhead. I’m part of a team exploring this place for its treasures and dangers. There are many rooms, each with its own […]

Attack of The Stupid™

The only downside to having a second generation iPod Shuffle is that the damn thing is so tiny you can lose it fairly easily. I can’t find mine. I remember getting into my car last night and taking it out of the ashtray, but I don’t remember where I put it. I searched for awhile […]