New Recurring Nightmare

My new recurring nightmare places me in something like an Egyptian tomb, at least in terms of decoration and danger, and the low ceilings, dim light, and definite sense of tons of weight overhead. I’m part of a team exploring this place for its treasures and dangers. There are many rooms, each with its own particular trap and the doors to the room are of the secret passageway revolving sort. In the first room each team member becomes fascinated with one trivial aspect to the exclusion of all others. This is bad as the chances of survival for one person alone [me] are virtually nil. I try to rescue them but the door to each room closes after a certain time so I have to leave or be caught. I go to another room, intending to rescue the other folks eventually, where some sort of demon critter tries to overwhelm me, I escape from here as well. Now all the rooms are opening and releasing their critters who are after me. I run back to the original room where I’m cornered. I’m trying to keep all these dudes at bay and manage to creak open the original door and yell for my teammates. Right before I’m overwhelmed they show up to be slaughtered but allow me time to attempt escape. I don’t make it, but always wake up before getting sacked.

I’m pretty sure this is just the 2.0 version of my old nightmare [mentioned in passing here] which is pretty obviously about abandonment, trust and being frightened about independence and my ability to cope with things. I know when I have the dream that I’ve had it before, but instead of lucid dreaming my way out of it, I just try to beat my subconscious at its own game.

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