New Recurring Nightmare

My new recur­ring night­mare places me in some­thing like an Egypt­ian tomb, at least in terms of dec­o­ra­tion and dan­ger, and the low ceil­ings, dim light, and def­i­nite sense of tons of weight over­head. I’m part of a team explor­ing this place for its trea­sures and dan­gers. There are many rooms, each with its own par­tic­u­lar trap and the doors to the room are of the secret pas­sage­way revolv­ing sort. In the first room each team mem­ber becomes fas­ci­nat­ed with one triv­ial aspect to the exclu­sion of all oth­ers. This is bad as the chances of sur­vival for one per­son alone [me] are vir­tu­al­ly nil. I try to res­cue them but the door to each room clos­es after a cer­tain time so I have to leave or be caught. I go to anoth­er room, intend­ing to res­cue the oth­er folks even­tu­al­ly, where some sort of demon crit­ter tries to over­whelm me, I escape from here as well. Now all the rooms are open­ing and releas­ing their crit­ters who are after me. I run back to the orig­i­nal room where I’m cor­nered. I’m try­ing to keep all these dudes at bay and man­age to creak open the orig­i­nal door and yell for my team­mates. Right before I’m over­whelmed they show up to be slaugh­tered but allow me time to attempt escape. I don’t make it, but always wake up before get­ting sacked.

I’m pret­ty sure this is just the 2.0 ver­sion of my old night­mare [men­tioned in pass­ing here] which is pret­ty obvi­ous­ly about aban­don­ment, trust and being fright­ened about inde­pen­dence and my abil­i­ty to cope with things. I know when I have the dream that I’ve had it before, but instead of lucid dream­ing my way out of it, I just try to beat my sub­con­scious at its own game.

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