It is start­ing to get cold enough that I am antic­i­pat­ing the end of bike-ride-to-work sea­son. I was sur­prised this morn­ing to feel a pang of regret over this. The ear­ly morn­ing exer­cise, con­cen­tra­tion and sur­pris­es [like the ground­hog across from the VTR] helped me be a bet­ter work­er.

That was writ­ten yes­ter­day. There is a unique savor to self-inflict­ed irony. I went ass-over-teaket­tle last night on my way to a meet­ing about crime in Tremont. I was mugged by the side­walk but it only took my dig­ni­ty. The dam­age report is a scraped left palm, abrad­ed left cheek, bust­ed chin, bro­ken left toe and bro­ken right elbow. That’s what I get for rid­ing down the side­walk too fast, and using my front brake too much. If I get my wis­dom teeth out tomor­row I’ll look like I belong to a fight club.

I’ve always want­ed to learn how to do more shit south­paw any­way.

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  • Oh crap, I hate when that hap­pens. I hope you recov­er ful­ly and con­tin­ue to ride.
    I went over the bars this sum­mer. Luck­i­ly the only thing that broke was my bike’s rear deraileur hang­er. On the plus side I learned what a deraileur hang­er is, how it helps to keep the frame from get­ting dam­aged and where to buy a new one. I found a replace­ment at Fidrich’s of all places after search­ing with­out much luck on the net.
    Hope­ful­ly some pos­i­tives will come out of this for you.

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