Ticket to Where?

I’ve finally started painting, I have to have three rooms completely painted by November because I’m getting flooring put in then. My life has been topsy-​turvy of late, very busy and alternating between ridiculously stressful and ridiculously chill. I think it is going to take another few weeks before I know for sure where I’m heading for good.

I got a parking ticket in Cleveland Heights the other night. The violation was for parking in a no parking zone between 3am and 6am. The sign right above my car says, quite blatantly, no parking between 3:30pm and 6:30pm. I called up Cleveland Heights and they said that there is probably a sign at the beginning of the street or upon entering the city that states the no parking ordinance. I’m pretty sure that’s a load of bullshit, but I’m going to go check out Mayfield Road to make sure. Then I’ll contest it. It is only a $10 ticket, but Cleveland Heights has the sort of reputation for this kind of abuse of power, that it is certainly probable that they would “accidentally” make out a ticket and figure the unlucky person will just suck it up and upchuck the 10-​spot. Good thing I’m stubborn. If they’re going to waste my time, I’m happy to waste theirs. Besides, what kind of sense does it make to disallow parking between 3am and 6am, it only makes sense if you think the prime time to ticket people is when they’re the likeliest to be asleep.