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Pie Day

Pie Day! Last night, we made pie. A slight alteration to my mother’s pecan pie recipe [maple syrup instead of corn syrup] and a new one, an Apple and Tart Cherry pie. Debbie made the crust from scratch, impressing the hell out of me. It took a few hours, and I was exhausted by the […]


These signs have been around Downtown for a month or so now. I still don’t quite know how I feel about them. I don’t know how bad the homeless/panhandling situation is here in Cleveland, and whether or not it warrants a campaign with this level of bluntness or scope. It is supported by The Homeless […]


Birthdays get progressively more boring as one ages. Other than the initial “Yay It’s my birthday!” upon waking up today isn’t going to be much different than usual. Although I might stop by Dave’s and pick up a sugar-cream pie on my way home. Oh man, I love me some sugar-cream pie. One year ago, […]

Not Grounded

A few weeks ago when I installed a dimmer in the master bedroom, I was heartened to see that the wall box had a ground wire in it, waiting to be hooked up. I hoped that this was a good sign for the rest of the house, which has ungrounded sockets. Unfortunately, tonight when I […]

Physical Therapy II

I had my second physical therapy appointment today. The therapist put heat on my bicep for ten minutes and then gave it a massage for a bit more. She thought that it might be tightened and preventing my arm from full extension. She was right, a bit. I’ve made good progress with the exercises already, […]


I received an Airport Express Base Station today and just got it configured. It was nearly a life-changing experience. My speaker-out jack has been busted for 9 months or so, so listening to music on my computer while doing other work was nearly impossible. But thanks to AirTunes and the handy 3.5mm stereo-mini jack on […]

Physical Therapy

I had a physical therapy appointment today at MetroHealth. I must say, I’m impressed with their hospital. They’ve got excellent, good-natured staff, and they follow-up on small problems like a dachshund down a badger hole. I’m sans 70# of grip strength in my right arm because of the broken elbow, and my range of motion […]

Titanic Trashcans

My street just made the cut to be one of the pilot areas for a retry at Cleveland Curbside Recycling. I’m quite pumped about this because I recycle most of my waste, and piling it into my car and driving to the nearest dropoff point seemed a bit cockeyed. My cans showed up today. In […]


The doctor told me that I don’t need a sling anymore, [the elbow is still broke-joke, but a sling would hinder more than help healing] and gave me a better boot to wear while my toe heals. What I haven’t figured out is how the hydrocodone and prescription-strength ibuprofen is affecting me. I try to […]