Not Grounded

A few weeks ago when I in­stalled a dim­mer in the mas­ter bed­room, I was heart­ened to see that the wall box had a ground wire in it, wait­ing to be hooked up. I hoped that this was a good sign for the rest of the house, which has un­ground­ed sock­ets. Unfortunately, tonight when I tried to change a sock­et, there was no ground wire present. That means I’m go­ing to have to have an elec­tri­cian come in and in­stall them through­out the house, in all the sock­ets that don’t have them. Only the kitchen, and the room im­me­di­ate­ly off of it have ground­ed plugs, and I’m not even sure if they are tru­ly ground­ed, or just have three holes and no ac­tu­al ground wire in­side of them. This is en­tire­ly pos­si­ble, be­cause even the an­cient plugs that are cur­rent­ly scat­tered about were in­stalled in­cor­rect­ly to my un­trained eye. You can screw the out­lets di­rect­ly in­to the wall box­es from the out­let it­self, but al­so through some ex­tra screws in the wall box. The old out­let was all bent out of shape be­cause this wasn’t done.

It is in­ter­est­ing and crazy at times to won­der what peo­ple were think­ing when they did cer­tain half-assed things. I mean, I haven’t done all that I can in the paint­ing of the two rooms I’ve done thus­far, but I haven’t don’t a shit­ty job on any­thing.

Also, near­ly three weeks af­ter get­ting my wis­dom teeth re­moved, I pulled a shard of bone from one of the up­per sock­ets. I’d felt a lit­tle hard nub­bin up there for awhile, but wasn’t able to get it out un­til to­day dur­ing the Use Case class I’m tak­ing in Independence, right down the street from my old job.

2 thoughts on “Not Grounded

  1. Nothing is as scary as old wiring. It’s fun to find K&T tied to old tin?/aluminum? tied to 10 – 15 year old cop­per. I’m not sure if the whole house is that way, but 90% of the up­stairs is not now.

  2. Seriously. My house is mis-wired in such a way that some lights won’t work un­less a few dif­fer­ent switch­es are thrown in some sort of Gray’s Binary pat­tern, I’ve yet to ful­ly com­pre­hend.

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