Not Grounded

A few weeks ago when I installed a dimmer in the master bedroom, I was heartened to see that the wall box had a ground wire in it, waiting to be hooked up. I hoped that this was a good sign for the rest of the house, which has ungrounded sockets. Unfortunately, tonight when I tried to change a socket, there was no ground wire present. That means I’m going to have to have an electrician come in and install them throughout the house, in all the sockets that don’t have them. Only the kitchen, and the room immediately off of it have grounded plugs, and I’m not even sure if they are truly grounded, or just have three holes and no actual ground wire inside of them. This is entirely possible, because even the ancient plugs that are currently scattered about were installed incorrectly to my untrained eye. You can screw the outlets directly into the wall boxes from the outlet itself, but also through some extra screws in the wall box. The old outlet was all bent out of shape because this wasn’t done.

It is interesting and crazy at times to wonder what people were thinking when they did certain half-assed things. I mean, I haven’t done all that I can in the painting of the two rooms I’ve done thusfar, but I haven’t don’t a shitty job on anything.

Also, nearly three weeks after getting my wisdom teeth removed, I pulled a shard of bone from one of the upper sockets. I’d felt a little hard nubbin up there for awhile, but wasn’t able to get it out until today during the Use Case class I’m taking in Independence, right down the street from my old job.

2 thoughts on “Not Grounded

  1. Nothing is as scary as old wiring. It’s fun to find K&T tied to old tin?/aluminum? tied to 10-15 year old copper. I’m not sure if the whole house is that way, but 90% of the upstairs is not now.

  2. Seriously. My house is mis-wired in such a way that some lights won’t work unless a few different switches are thrown in some sort of Gray’s Binary pattern, I’ve yet to fully comprehend.

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