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I had a physical therapy appointment today at MetroHealth. I must say, I’m impressed with their hospital. They’ve got excellent, good-natured staff, and they follow-up on small problems like a dachshund down a badger hole.

I’m sans 70# of grip strength in my right arm because of the broken elbow, and my range of motion degrees for straightening the arm are poor as well. I also realized just how underserved and orphaned I was at Notre Dame when I dislocated my kneecap. The extent of my physical therapy there was being told to ride a bicycle until I felt better. No one measured my range of motion or monitored my progress; and I wonder if I would have an arthritic knee now if I’d some professional assistance at the time.

I’ve got five more appointments for physical therapy, some exercises to do at home, good literature and a determination to get my dominant arm to 100% again. Thankfully, I have some good help this time.

2 thoughts on “Physical Therapy

  1. I had a very positive experience myself with the MetroHealth physical therapy department two years ago. Back surgery for me seemed inevitable but with their help I was able to work my back into shape and avoid it.
    It’s a subtle thing and perhaps it was luck. In fact for awhile I thought it was a waste of time. I stuck with the exercises though and one day found one that really did the trick.
    Stick with it and good luck.

  2. just wait until you get the bill.

    2 years ago i sprained my ankle & of course they wouldn’t allow me to leave without crutches, which i only used once & that was when leaving the place [just to keep their smiling face smiling].
    after they gave me the crutches they forced me to go to phz-therapy so they can show me how to properly use them. after 15 mins of some kid showing me how to operate said crutches, i signed some papers and left.
    one week later they sent me the bill & the cost of that 15mins of physical therapy was $3200.00 [not including the price of the TX & the crutches], yah my insurance covered it but that insurance has gone up three-fold in the last two years.
    no wonder these shiny happy people have grins that would put the jokers to shame..

    go USA!!!

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