Titanic Trashcans

DSC02363 My street just made the cut to be one of the pilot areas for a retry at Cleveland Curbside Recycling. I’m quite pumped about this because I recycle most of my waste, and piling it into my car and driving to the nearest dropoff point seemed a bit cockeyed. My cans showed up today. In addition to the curbside recycling, there is also a City of Cleveland Approved Regular Trash Can, a 96-gallon behemoth that I will pretty much never fill. I average about 1 kitchen-sized bag of actual trash every two weeks. Since my house is a 2-unit, I got 4 cans. In addition to the two cans I’d purchased on my own, this brings my trashcan total to 6. Four of them are in my tumbledown shed.

The recycling can is already full.

One thought on “Titanic Trashcans

  1. hey Madman, my street is also in the pilot trash/recycling program. Yes, it will take weeks to fill one of those black bins. On the bright side, it’ll be nice to not have to drive recycling out to the suburbs!

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