Dreams, Lately

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

A cou­ple of nights ago I dreamed I was at a Guns ‘N Roses con­cert; they were play­ing Bön Jovi cov­ers. In the dream, I kept try­ing to fall asleep, but kept my­self awake be­cause I didn’t want to miss the mu­sic. I end­ed up wak­ing up ful­ly be­cause I tried so hard not to fall asleep, while I was al­ready asleep. I’m as­sum­ing that I was try­ing to switch be­tween sleep stages but not let­ting my­self do so.

Last night I dreamed that some im­por­tant guy had cre­at­ed a new, puz­zling, ad­ven­tur­ous world to ex­plore; one of the puz­zles was fig­ur­ing out how to get in­to the world in the first place. I fig­ured this out be­fore any­one else; it was as sim­ple as ask­ing the man for the key. Once in­side the world was Escher-like, labyrinthine and full of junk. You had to sort through all of the junk to find the use­ful items for the jour­ney. I fig­ured out fair­ly soon that al­though the world was so large, none of the paths you fol­lowed got you any­where. I re­al­ized that this was al­so an in­her­ent puz­zle to the world. Upon fig­ur­ing it out, I could leave and get a true ad­ven­ture from the man. Having proved my­self, I did so.

I’ve been play­ing both Portal and Half-Life 2 late­ly, so I think that gam­ing fired off that par­tic­u­lar dream.

Baby Fashionista

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Onesy Ideas:

  • An ar­row on the front point­ing to the mouth with Food writ­ten un­der it; on the back­side, an ar­row point­ing to the butt with Poop writ­ten over it.
  • A snake mouth on the bot­tom half of the onesy; so it looks as if the ba­by is be­ing eat­en.
  • Basic an­i­mal one­sies, all fe­ro­cious and rav­en­ous look­ing; not cute and cud­dly.
  • Gender-ben­ders: Girl-one­sies with spark­ly, vi­cious, toothy T-Rexes; pink and pur­ple fire trucks; etc. Boy-one­sies with camo-print pranc­ing ponies.
  • His and Her: Mommy Loves Me; Daddy Doesn’t and Daddy Loves Me; Mommy Doesn’t.

Pregnant Woman T-shirt Ideas [all of these prints go on the low­er part of the shirt, so the bel­ly fills them out]:

  • Disco Ball [thanks to Noah Pfarr]
  • Death Star
  • Globe
  • A mon­ster mouth with sharp teeth [to dis­cour­age peo­ple from touch­ing the preg­nant bel­ly].

Bear Paw Mittens

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Bear Arms I re­ceived bear paw mit­tens for Christmas, and they’ve be­come my fa­vorite gift. They give me near end­less amuse­ment, I get to act like a bear and make in­fi­nite puns about do­ing things with my bear hands. In ad­di­tion to this, I al­so get to act like a bear and make in­fi­nite puns about my bare hands. These mit­tens are so awe­some that peo­ple do triple takes. I pre­tend they are my ac­tu­al hands and won­der aloud if I’ll ever find gloves that will fit. I prob­a­bly ex­as­per­ate every­thing with­in ear-sight of me when I have them on. They even have the bonus of be­ing fair­ly warm, de­spite their acrylic na­ture. The next time I’m in Canada, I might try fish­ing with them.

It has al­so been sug­gest­ed to me that I get a shirt that says “Everyone has the right to bear arms.”

Not-so Altercation

Sunday, 13 January 2008

I pissed off a cop to­day. He was sit­ting at the in­ter­sec­tion of West 20th and Lorain at the light and chat­ting with a car in the oth­er lane on West 20th. I was two cars back. The light turned green and they just kept talk­ing, so I honked my horn. The car in the oth­er lane got the hint and moved on, but the cop glared in his rearview mir­ror at me and wait­ed un­til the light turned yel­low be­fore turn­ing out on­to Lorain. The car be­tween us al­so made it through the light, but I got stuck at the red. The cop pulled over on Lorain to wait for me un­til he re­al­ized that I was stuck at the red, and then drove off. I won­der what he would have tick­et­ed me for, or whether he was just go­ing to waste my time and bitch at me for honk­ing at him.

Hey man, I was hun­gry and he was be­tween me and the gro­cery.