Baby Fashionista

Onesy Ideas:

  • An arrow on the front pointing to the mouth with Food written under it; on the backside, an arrow pointing to the butt with Poop written over it.
  • A snake mouth on the bottom half of the onesy; so it looks as if the baby is being eaten.
  • Basic animal onesies, all ferocious and ravenous looking; not cute and cuddly.
  • Gender-benders: Girl-onesies with sparkly, vicious, toothy T-Rexes; pink and purple fire trucks; etc. Boy-onesies with camo-print prancing ponies.
  • His and Her: Mommy Loves Me; Daddy Doesn’t and Daddy Loves Me; Mommy Doesn’t.

Pregnant Woman T-shirt Ideas [all of these prints go on the lower part of the shirt, so the belly fills them out]:

  • Disco Ball [thanks to Noah Pfarr]
  • Death Star
  • Globe
  • A monster mouth with sharp teeth [to discourage people from touching the pregnant belly].

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