Bear Paw Mittens

Bear Arms I received bear paw mittens for Christmas, and they’ve become my favorite gift. They give me near endless amusement, I get to act like a bear and make infinite puns about doing things with my bear hands. In addition to this, I also get to act like a bear and make infinite puns about my bare hands. These mittens are so awesome that people do triple takes. I pretend they are my actual hands and wonder aloud if I’ll ever find gloves that will fit. I probably exasperate everything within ear-sight of me when I have them on. They even have the bonus of being fairly warm, despite their acrylic nature. The next time I’m in Canada, I might try fishing with them.

It has also been suggested to me that I get a shirt that says “Everyone has the right to bear arms.”

17 thoughts on “Bear Paw Mittens

  1. I suggest a bear shirt that is really Beer shirt that has a bear with deer antlers.   That would be awesome.  and also a good idea for Halloween next year.  Get some antlers with those claws and go as "beer". 

  2. I’m awesome. When you are done with the antlers, may I please use them to make the world’s sexiest chandelier?

  3. could you find out where those came from? i saw them last year and i was bummed that i can’t find them anymore.

  4. in a moment of generosity i gave my black bear paw mittens to a friend who was coveting them… i thought i’d be able to find another pair but am having difficulty. i think they were Thinsulate? any suggestions? help!

  5. Those mittens are amazing. I’ve been looking for exactly these to give to my boyfriend as a christmas present, but can’t find anything like them at all, anywhere!! Could you find out exactly where you got them from please? Or, I noticed you posted this a while ago, if you don’t want them anymore, maybe you’d think about selling them? 🙂

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