New Year Announcement

I’m preg­nant. That’s right, you heard me. To be per­fect­ly spe­cif­ic, my girl­friend Deb­bie is preg­nant. I’m going to be a father! We’re going to be par­ents! This wasn’t expect­ed or planned, but we both want chil­dren so we’re mak­ing the best of it. This news explains the inter­mit­tent noise amid all of the radio silence here late­ly. We’ve been mov­ing in togeth­er, break­ing the news to our fam­i­ly, and doing some seri­ous psy­cho­log­i­cal adap­ta­tion to our new roles. She’s 15 weeks along at this point, so we’ve had time to get over the ini­tial shock and get excit­ed about the actu­al birth. The due date is June 20th.

I’m not too good at keep­ing a secret and I would have felt like I was lying to post con­tin­u­ous­ly with such impor­tant news kept in the bag along with the cat. We heard the heart­beat the last time we vis­it­ed the doc­tor, and a sono­gram will show up in a few more weeks. Deb­bie had pret­ty awful dawn-to-dawn morn­ing sick­ness for the last three months, but now that it is fad­ing away a bit every­body is less stressed.

Entertainment RoomWe spent Thanks­giv­ing with Debbie’s par­ents and Christ­mas with my fam­i­ly. Christ­mas week was a flur­ry of dri­ving and it was good to get back into town, espe­cial­ly since, while we were gone, I had wood floors installed in part of the house. I still have to put down quar­ter-round and grates for the ven­ti­la­tion, not to men­tion work on the walls in the main entry room, but at least two of the room feel like home now.

New Year’s was cel­e­brat­ed with a cou­ple of friends and a tense game of Star Wars Monop­oly. You’re pret­ty much caught up. I’ll now take a few ques­tions.

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  • wowza. con­grats man! sor­ry we nev­er got togeth­er over christ­mas though. we need to find a time to do so, although im sure you are going to be super crazy busy for awhile. june 20th huh? only awe­some peo­ple are born that day (yes that is my birth­day) 

  • Con­grat­u­la­tions Adam!

    Coin­ci­den­tal­ly, Patrick and I are expect­ing just 4 weeks ear­li­er (due May 25th). We get the big ultra­sound and find out if it’s a boy or girl tomor­row.

  • wow. con­grats man! that is fan­tas­tic. and in case you were won­der­ing, only awe­some peo­ple are born on june 20th (yes, thats when i was born). sor­ry we did­nt get togeth­er over christ­mas. we will have to find a time to do so at some point soon, when you arent crazy busy.

  • imho June 20th is an awe­some day for a birth­day. Sum­mer sol­stice. Kin­da like Christ­mas in June.
    Wish­ing Deb­bie and you the best.

  • con­grats Adam and Deb­bie.  Good luck in get­ting ready.  If you need any tips on how to get an old house ready for kids, I’ve got more than a few.  If you want any child proof­ing test­ed, I’ll bring Michael over.  He’s man­aged to defeat 95% of the child proof­ing meth­ods that we can come up with.  He’s a smart, agile, strong lit­tle guy.

  • HOLY CRAP! Con­grat­u­la­tions Adam, I stop by on a whim to see how you’re doing and read this… wow.  We should hang out some­time please… Matt’s send­ing you invites to eth­nic eat­ing get togeth­ers but I’ll bet it’s going to your junk pile.  The future moth­er of your child is obvi­ous­ly wel­come too.  Send me an email some­time? 

  • Con­grat­u­la­tions old friend.  Best wish­es to Deb­bie and your­self.  Here’s to a healthy and hap­py baby, moth­er, and father come June.  More specif­i­cal­ly, June 23rd, the best day of the year, of course.  (Hey, if phil can cam­paign for his b-day, I can for mine.)  Once again, con­grats!

  • Your father loves you and talks about you all the time. He is upset every sin­gle hol­i­day because you are not there. You owe it to your upcom­ing baby to let that child have a grand­fa­ther who is won­der­ful. He con­stant­ly shares sto­ries he remem­bers about you with my two boys, who are his grand­chil­dren. Your an adult now and should know that things are not just black and white, when you are mar­ried to some­one you dont love, its hard to act hap­py around them. Its also easy to make mis­takes as a par­ent. You will learn that soon enough. Your time has come. I hope your child nev­er dis­owns you the way you have done your father. I dont pre­tent to have walked in your shoes, but I have known Don for the past 13 years, as an adult myself, not as a child, and he is a good per­son and he loves you and wants to be a part of your life. He is proud of every­thing you have ever done, so dont ever ques­tion that. We always hear about how great Adam is doing, when he hears some­thing from some­one else any­way. I hope you will give your dad anoth­er chance Adam and judge him by the per­son he is now, not the per­son you remem­ber as a child when your par­ents were divorc­ing. That would be a bad time for any­one. You cant make a life­long deci­sion based on the times your par­ents had it rough togeth­er. My boys are 7 and 10 and they love your dad. I hope your child gets to meet him and see what a great grand­pa he can be also. For your sake and your dads. He loves you Adam with all his heart. For­give­ness is so impor­tant!!!

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