New Year Announcement

I’m pregnant. That’s right, you heard me. To be perfectly specific, my girlfriend Debbie is pregnant. I’m going to be a father! We’re going to be parents! This wasn’t expected or planned, but we both want children so we’re making the best of it. This news explains the intermittent noise amid all of the radio silence here lately. We’ve been moving in together, breaking the news to our family, and doing some serious psychological adaptation to our new roles. She’s 15 weeks along at this point, so we’ve had time to get over the initial shock and get excited about the actual birth. The due date is June 20th.

I’m not too good at keeping a secret and I would have felt like I was lying to post continuously with such important news kept in the bag along with the cat. We heard the heartbeat the last time we visited the doctor, and a sonogram will show up in a few more weeks. Debbie had pretty awful dawn-to-dawn morning sickness for the last three months, but now that it is fading away a bit everybody is less stressed.

Entertainment RoomWe spent Thanksgiving with Debbie’s parents and Christmas with my family. Christmas week was a flurry of driving and it was good to get back into town, especially since, while we were gone, I had wood floors installed in part of the house. I still have to put down quarter-round and grates for the ventilation, not to mention work on the walls in the main entry room, but at least two of the room feel like home now.

New Year’s was celebrated with a couple of friends and a tense game of Star Wars Monopoly. You’re pretty much caught up. I’ll now take a few questions.

9 thoughts on “New Year Announcement

  1. wowza. congrats man! sorry we never got together over christmas though. we need to find a time to do so, although im sure you are going to be super crazy busy for awhile. june 20th huh? only awesome people are born that day (yes that is my birthday) 

  2. Congratulations Adam!

    Coincidentally, Patrick and I are expecting just 4 weeks earlier (due May 25th). We get the big ultrasound and find out if it’s a boy or girl tomorrow.

  3. wow. congrats man! that is fantastic. and in case you were wondering, only awesome people are born on june 20th (yes, thats when i was born). sorry we didnt get together over christmas. we will have to find a time to do so at some point soon, when you arent crazy busy.

  4. imho June 20th is an awesome day for a birthday. Summer solstice. Kinda like Christmas in June.
    Wishing Debbie and you the best.

  5. congrats Adam and Debbie.  Good luck in getting ready.  If you need any tips on how to get an old house ready for kids, I’ve got more than a few.  If you want any child proofing tested, I’ll bring Michael over.  He’s managed to defeat 95% of the child proofing methods that we can come up with.  He’s a smart, agile, strong little guy.

  6. HOLY CRAP! Congratulations Adam, I stop by on a whim to see how you’re doing and read this… wow.  We should hang out sometime please… Matt’s sending you invites to ethnic eating get togethers but I’ll bet it’s going to your junk pile.  The future mother of your child is obviously welcome too.  Send me an email sometime? 

  7. Congratulations old friend.  Best wishes to Debbie and yourself.  Here’s to a healthy and happy baby, mother, and father come June.  More specifically, June 23rd, the best day of the year, of course.  (Hey, if phil can campaign for his b-day, I can for mine.)  Once again, congrats!

  8. Your father loves you and talks about you all the time. He is upset every single holiday because you are not there. You owe it to your upcoming baby to let that child have a grandfather who is wonderful. He constantly shares stories he remembers about you with my two boys, who are his grandchildren. Your an adult now and should know that things are not just black and white, when you are married to someone you dont love, its hard to act happy around them. Its also easy to make mistakes as a parent. You will learn that soon enough. Your time has come. I hope your child never disowns you the way you have done your father. I dont pretent to have walked in your shoes, but I have known Don for the past 13 years, as an adult myself, not as a child, and he is a good person and he loves you and wants to be a part of your life. He is proud of everything you have ever done, so dont ever question that. We always hear about how great Adam is doing, when he hears something from someone else anyway. I hope you will give your dad another chance Adam and judge him by the person he is now, not the person you remember as a child when your parents were divorcing. That would be a bad time for anyone. You cant make a lifelong decision based on the times your parents had it rough together. My boys are 7 and 10 and they love your dad. I hope your child gets to meet him and see what a great grandpa he can be also. For your sake and your dads. He loves you Adam with all his heart. Forgiveness is so important!!!

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