Not-so Altercation

I pissed off a cop today. He was sit­ting at the inter­sec­tion of West 20th and Lorain at the light and chat­ting with a car in the oth­er lane on West 20th. I was two cars back. The light turned green and they just kept talk­ing, so I honked my horn. The car in the oth­er lane got the hint and moved on, but the cop glared in his rearview mir­ror at me and wait­ed until the light turned yel­low before turn­ing out onto Lorain. The car between us also made it through the light, but I got stuck at the red. The cop pulled over on Lorain to wait for me until he real­ized that I was stuck at the red, and then drove off. I won­der what he would have tick­et­ed me for, or whether he was just going to waste my time and bitch at me for honk­ing at him.

Hey man, I was hun­gry and he was between me and the gro­cery.

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  • Who knows.  It says some­thing though, that he was too lazy to wait for the light to change to tick­et you (or bitch you out). What a tool.

  • a cou­ple months ago i was bik­ing west on loraine just past west 25th and at w 28th a cop on his cell-phone pulled right out in front of me. after swerv­ing out of the way, i threw up my arms. he stopped his car in the mid­dle of the street and yelled out his win­dow: ‘you have a f’ing prob­lem?’
    i just shook my head in dis­gust and pro­ceed­ed to my des­ti­na­tion.

    if i done the same thing in front of him, i would of end­ed up w/reckless dri­ving and using a cell­phone [that was clear­ly why he did­nt see me] while dri­ving tick­ets.

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