Life has been too busy to pay much attention to this website. I’ve got a redesign about halfway done, but it will continue to languish until I don’t have to put in quite so many hours at work; so, after the March 4 Primary. There have been a lot of errands to take care of lately, framing art, working on curtains, getting a rug for the bedroom, so the bed doesn’t ruin the wood floors, working on the wall in the entry room, paying down debt, doing laundry, doing dishes, along with various other appointments.

I’ve had a bad sore throat/​chest congestion for a week now. I finally bought some Mucinex, but although others swear by it, I notice no change in my ability to hack up dense globs of phlegm. Sleeping is a nightmare.

On the baby front, we can feel him kick and punch and throw dance parties all of the time. Apparently he really likes peanut butter.

For dinner tonight I’m making sweet potato gnocchi with sautéed artichoke hearts and broccoli with meatballs on the side.