Notes, Lately


  • $110 will get you ap­prox­i­mate­ly 250 items of sec­ond­hand ba­by clothes. No one needs to buy us any­thing re­sem­bling a ba­by cloth for at least the next 9 months.
  • The Bobby web­site ac­ces­si­bil­i­ty val­ida­tor is no longer avail­able on­line. It is now bun­dled in­to a piece of IBM soft­ware for pur­chase on­ly. This makes it hard­er, not eas­i­er, for web de­sign­ers to build ac­ces­si­ble web­sites.
  • It is faster to ride RTA down­town than dri­ve, since the E 9th and Euclid in­ter­sec­tion snarls every­thing up. It is ac­tu­al­ly faster to ex­it on E 22nd Street and back­track.
  • No one is used to the bus lanes yet, they’re be­ing used as right turn lanes, which fur­ther snarls traf­fic.
  • After 3 years of pay­ing my con­sol­i­dat­ed col­lege loans on time, I just re­ceived at 1% re­duc­tion in the in­ter­est rate. Now it is at 2.375%, which is awe­some. I can pay it off faster now.

4 thoughts on “Notes, Lately

  1. Mine won’t be payed off un­til Kathryn is ready to start look­ing at col­leges.  It’s re­al­ly quite sad as I could re­al­ly use that mon­ey to make sure she isn’t in the same po­si­tion when it’s her turn.  I guess as long as I stay work­ing here I won’t have to wor­ry too much as they do of­fer tu­ition as­sis­tance as a ben­e­fit. 

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