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A Spring Spring

Took a first look at my springtime yard today, since it was so nice out. Last fall I deliberately didn’t rake any leaves, and the resulting piles acted as natural mulch on the lilies and other flora that are starting their primavera growth. The thorny rose stalks are even beginning to bud. I picked up […]

Pennsylvania Vacation

Debbie and I spent three days in Pennsylvania for a last gasp at coupled freedom before the Kid arrives. I planned out our itinerary well in advance and we had a great time; plenty of stuff to do and plenty of time to do nothing. We left Monday morning and went to Pittsburgh where our […]

A Deepness in the Sky by Vernor Vinge

I just finished reading A Deepness in the Sky by Vernor Vinge. Since I’ve been cultivating a gestalt knowledge of the science fiction canon for nearly two decades, I was able to notice nods and reflections of past works. The book owes an obvious and huge debt to James Blish’s Cities in Flight, but there […]

Next Door Neighbors

Not only did my crazy yelling neighbor get evicted, but the dude that lives upstairs, a relaxed and friendly guy, just got taken away by the cops on suspicion of gun possession. Based on what his distraught girlfriend was yelling from the balcony, someone gave a false report about it and she blamed the folks […]

Music Power

I’ve been burning up Immortal Technique lately; digging through a bunch of covers by of Montreal, Downloading the thousands of songs in the SXSW music torrents, the online-only release Over the Counter Culture by Tim Fite [who was in my 2006 Best of CD] and this electronica release by Fake Corporation of America: You Are […]

Emo Tantrum

As I passed the House of Blues today on the way to my bus stop I saw a high school emo boy throwing a tantrum at his girlfriend. She caught it and threw it right back, but was certainly the more “mature” of the two. He was almost high-step stomping his way toward me with […]

Coroner Lamaze

I was at the County Coroner’s Office yesterday for a meeting about redoing their website, currently one of the oldest in the County. After the meeting we were given a tour of the facilities, which are impressive. I learned a lot about their procedures, saw where the autopsies are performed [on the top floor, with […]

Snow Accomplishments

I decided to go ahead and put my new design out there in its 40% done state. Having to see it whenever I look at my site should encourage me to finish it up. I’m using one of Eric Meyer’s reset styles as the base, and building from it. Eventually I hope to go through […]

Primary Rashomon

While most of the rest of the county focuses on the vote counts tonight, I’m up late with a few fellow crew-members making sure that the website runs smoothly and doesn’t crash. Looking at the same page but seeing different stories. Really, I’m the least critical night-owl, I just have to make content updates if […]